Project Icon

I prefer to have my Codea projects in the Working Copy folder. Before the 3.0 update, I used to see the project icon image for each project when browsing that folder from the files app. Now, with 3.0, it only shows default Codea filetype images for all projects. I realize this kind of thing is low priority, but just to put it out there.

@brianolive If I look at my Files app, On My IPad, of the Codea folder Examples, they all have pictures, not the default Codea image.

@brianolive Maybe I don’t understand what you mean by Working Copy. If I have images for my project icons, they show when I view the Codea folder in my Files app. I’m on Codea 3.0 and iOS 13.

Working Copy is a git versioning app that works well with Codea. I usually store my Codea projects there, so I can version my work along the way. Of course, I do not see these projects directly in the Codea app, since they are not stored in the Codea folder. But that is okay. Tapping any of these projects from the files app automatically opens them in Codea.

But, back to the project icon issue - I am mistaken. It is not an issue limited to projects in my Working Copy folder. It is an issue for all of my Codea projects. Even those in the Codea folder. For example, see the attached screenshot of the projects in the Examples folder.

Codea 3.0, though I am still on iOS 12.2. Perhaps stepping up will fix the issue.

@brianolive OK, Working Copy is git. I would say that the project image is controlled by Codea. When the project is viewed thru Codea, the default project image is replaced by your image. But if your project is viewed outside of Codea then the default image is used. I don’t think it has anything to do with ios 13. That’s my guess.

Thanks for thinking through the issue. Before Codea 3.0, I saw the project icon, in the Files app, anywhere I had a project (in the Codea folder, and in the Working Copy folder). Now with 3.0, all projects as seen in the Files app, show only the default image, even projects in Codea. The screenshot was of the Codea example projects, not my projects.

No need to respond really, except for maybe @Simeon to chime in, or others if they see the same issue. I’m not so concerned - just something I’ve observed.

Upgrading to iPadOS 13 did the trick. Project icons have reappeared.