Project dependencies

I’m used to #includes, so I have a question about dependencies. I was playing around with some tests to see how dependencies work and I see how they can save a lot of keying/copying time by using existing functions. But the question I have is: if I copy a program that uses dependencies to post on the forum or anywhere else, do I have to go thru and copy all of the functions that’s used in the dependencies and add them to the original program. If that’s the case, what’s the advantage.

I, too, would like for the dependencies to be copied with a project. But nonetheless the advantage is that if you have a set of libraries that you reuse from project to project, you can just collect those in a project and add that as a dependency to your new projects, not clutter your display with a gazillion tabs before you even wrote a new line of code, and also not need to copy those libs - tab by tab - to the new project. In other words, big advantage.