Programming the Threes game app (to find I'm a loser)

For those who are interested, over the next few days, I’m putting up some posts on recreating the iPad game Threes, which is basically a sliding tile game (like 2048) where you try to combine tiles. If you know some Lua and want to program games, especially board games, you may find this useful.

However, I did this mainly to find if there was a winning strategy, so I’ve used monte carlo (ie random number) simulation to look several moves ahead and find which move has the best long term effect, and whether it’s the same as the most obvious next move. For me, that’s what’s most interesting about this project.

Link to part 1:

Hi Ignatz,

I’ll be following this with interest, have a similar game almost finished and I’m interested in your approach. One comment on this so far GetNextTile ???


@Ignatz good to see you blogging again :slight_smile:

@Ignatz That’s some clever stuff, glad that you’re still writing up code.

Nice stuff, looking forward to the monte carlo. :slight_smile:

I started coding on a three app a while ago, but with my hexagon library.

Can you make the forum not embed videos, since it doesnt work?

@tnlogy, if you are asking how to include video links rather than embedded videos, try putting HTML into your post

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@tnology - I forgot to add that I have put up three posts on that game now, the last one has monte carlo, and I’m working on a fourth post that figures out the best approach from all of that work.

Link to part 2
Link to part 3

I did a final post showing the results of tuning my program and then testing it against my own play.

The program was way too good for me - I guess I suck at Threes!

Link to post