Profile Avatar issue?

Hey, I just joined today so sorry if this is the wrong place.

I just wanted to set up my user profile when I realized my Avatar is not displaying after uploading an image.
I tried different sizes/resolutions, no difference… Also cleared cache and restarted, just in case.
Any ideas?

It hasn’t worked for a long time. You’ll notice a lot of blank pictures of users who have tried, including me.

Yeah, I’ve seen that, which made me wonder even more…
Can it at least be defaulted back?

No. Can’t change it until it’s fixed.

Noticed the same thing on twitch yesterday

This is so annoying.
If you want this fixed +1

What difference does it make. It’s only a picture and has nothing to do with the information that’s shared. As far as I’m concerned, the picture can be removed all together and nothing is lost.

Imho it’s way easier to differ between users by avatar than by name, but that might be only due to my brain being trained on visuals…

Removing it completely would be easier than having this dumb “image not found” replacement besides 80% of users.