Procreate Animation Player

Hello fellows,

as you might have seen this thread, I worked on a little tool for making animations with procreate. And as I promised, here is the source code for anyone interested:

My Blog is actually german, so just scroll all the way down to find the code. Or use this Gist link…

Usage is pretty simple:

Draw something in Procreate. Export the document either as JPEG or as PNG to Dropbox. Go to Codea > Procreate Animation Player and choose the exported image with the image picker at line 17. You can also change the background color on line 209 if you wish. (This will not be exported to the final spritesheet. If you wish to do this though, use procreate for this task.)
Now start the app and adjust width and height of the frame. Position your image. +F adds a new frame (-F removes the one currently selected). You can scrub your animation frames by tapping the < or > buttons in the right lower edge of the screen. Holding them down, plays the animation automatically. You can adjust the speed by setting proper FPS.
At anytime you can switch back to procreate and redraw everything or change portions of you image or color things. Dont forget to re-export the image. When happy with your animation, choose SAV and a spritesheet will be exported for you - ready to use in-game! If you don’t know how to playback spritesheets, use my other tool for this task.

German is for me… Kein problem ( == no problem)