Print() crashes codea in iOS 8 beta 4

I recently updated my iPad to “iOS 8 beta 4” and any use of the print() function will crash the program and codea. There doesn’t seem to be any other problems or any possible solution, so I guess I’m just letting people know for when ios 8 is released.

How about using this


How do you get iOS 8? I mean for beta.


I doubt loadstring() would work, because the bug is in Codea, not Lua.

Strangely, this isn’t happening in a little test program I made specifically to crash codea with print(). So I guess it doesn’t always crash. (Btw don’t try to get iOS 8 yet it erased all my projects. This is why I hadn’t tested it with other programs). I’ll try to figure out exactly why this program is crashing, maybe it’s not just the print()

@TheDreadnaught, iOS 8 and Codea are not yet best buds. I have experienced crashes with print, as well as anytime there is an error it just crashes Codea

Umm…maybe it isn’t iOS 8…I accidentally used displayMode() before the setup function. Whenever I do that it crashes when i use print() in any context. Of course i don’t know anymore if it’s iOS 8 or not, cuz I can’t test it on 7. Could someone else test it to make sure?

It doesn’t crash on iOS7.1.1

@aurumcoder2624 I got iOS because it is open for beta testing for Apple developers. In the end I think I would rather have stuck with iOS 7, cuz the update erased all my projects on codea.

@Ignatz thanks good to know.

print() shouldn’t affect displayMode() but displayMode() before setup I guess is bound to crash the program sooner or later since the display needs to get a handle which I think setup gives it.

I have been using print vigorously without crashes, but I am experiencing crashes when I restart my project