Possibllity to create version for iPhone/iPod Touch

Is there any thoughts about creating a version to allow running apps on iPod Touch or iPhone?

We’ve thought about creating one just for running Codea projects, not for editing.

I can’t imagine editing would be very pleasant on an iPhone, but maybe that’s just me.

Yes my thoughts were just for running. Especially if there is Dropbox or other cloud integration to transfer from iPad to iPhone/iPod touch.

That’s why I proposed for iCloud integration. :wink:

At first I thought an iPhone version would be bad, but I reckon it should be done now. Simple reason: edit your project on the iPad as normal, have it sync with iCloud, pick up your iPhone later and just play around with the project a bit. Tiny screen + keyboard doesn’t matter too much for a quick tinker while you’re out.

I think an iPhone version makes sense, even if it’s just to try out the code, especially, if in the future you add any GPS related APIs, which, I hope you will. :slight_smile:

+2 for iPhone/iPod run-time only (non-editing) version

Including networking support would allow shared data between the same application running on different devices.

The issue with this is that Apple won’t allow running of downloaded code (including importing code from iTunes File Sharing). So if we had a viewer, there would be no way to view things on it!

We will look at working with apple in the future.

Dylan: if we own the iPad version, we can ‘share’ code with ourselves only via iCloud. I can’t see apple having a problem with this, it’s no different from a backup, you can’t run code from somebody else. The iPhone ‘player’ could therefore run your own code, created on the iPad. That would be somewhat limited though, guess it would have to be a free app.

I’d still like to see a very basic iPhone version though where it’s possible to at least edit text (even without the fancy editor) for a quick ‘on the go’ play :slight_smile:

Alternative: Publish the iPhone app, include iCloud sync so we can run our own projects, and also include a selection of good quality projects. They could be from whatever we share on here (with permission!) perhaps. You could update that regularly. Maybe make it a free app, with adverts above the included projects (but not iCloud synched projects please :slight_smile: Should generate enough income to support the free app, and be a good advert for codea.

I’d be willing to pay a few dollars to have a iPhone player available.

Another alternative: Implement iCloud sharing so you can at least import your own code (should be fine with apple), and make codea universal. On the iPhone, it would just show a basic UI that lets you open a project and run it, nothing else (although I’d still like a very basic text editor :))

Of course it’s then available for iPhone, and people will buy it and be angry that it needs an iPad. You could set the app name as “Codea for iPad” in iTunes to help out with that.

+1 to iCloud and iPhone runner

I love the idea of having an iPhone viewer with iCloud syncing and certain projects(maybe updated weekly?) that we could play with.

for whatever it’s worth, I would buy and use an editor for the iPhone. The viewer sounds nice, but what I would love to do is to try out some ideas while at work

Thanks for the suggestions!
iCloud could be a way to get this working. We will look into it, but its really up to Apple if it gets approved.