Please help

How can I make floor that I can walk on.
Thx for helping!

Are you looking for physics or just looking to move a sprite on top of your drawn floor?

I’m looking for moving a sprite on top of my drawing floor

Can u make a script for me??

Thx dude ur the best!

You can draw the sprite on the x/y where you would like it to appear. I’ll try to make a small demo.

If you havent already check out @Ignatz ebook on lua and codea.

No, we don’t write your code for you. But we’ll help you if you get stuck.

If you are keen to make a 3D scene where a character can walk freely anywhere , I have written a lot of posts on 3D modelling, including things like floors and how to walk on them. But it is not easy.

If instead you want to make a 3D tile based game, search the forum for RPGMaker, as there is quite a big project going on. Again, this is not easy.

If your sprite is very simple, like a ball, then it’s easy. If it looks different from the front and the back, like a person, then animating it is difficult.

So it depends a lot on what you’re trying to do.


Back to what @Ignazts said, I hope this doesn’t sound rude, but based on all of your discussions, it seems like your wanting to make your game with have of the code being from us. Please try to figure out these small little things on your own. That is why codea has a built in reference and tutorials made by us.

Thank you.

No I don’t ima beginner

U stupid

Tsss tsss. Not good. Not polite. Baaaad.

@Amrothecoder I wasn’t saying you were, but it seemed like you are. We will still be glad to help you if your request is level-headed.

EDIT: Oops, read his message wrong. If you are a beginner then @Amrothecoder, we will be more than happy to send you links to tutorials.

EDIT2: Found your youtube channel @Amrothecoder, it appears you have the basics down in Codea. Excuse me for my assumption.