PLEASE add a 'Open with Codea' for Lua files.

‘Open with Codea’

Can the Codea developers add a ‘open with codea’ for lua files?

For example, if you were to develop your app with someone else, you could send your project by email and they would be able to edit it on Codea.

I am trying to add LUATEX to my project without having to edit on the computer and it would help for you to add this function.

just to clarify I was going to add LUATEX using my laptop and then send it back to my iOS device.

They had a similar feature before, Apple made them remove it due to an issue with their terms and running code from external sources.

Woa! LuaTeX with Codea!? Now that would be cool. What exactly are you doing, if you don’t mind me asking?

@jaj_TheDeveloper I wish we could, but because Codea can execute code I don’t believe it would be allowed to open files that could have been sent over the Internet. It seems crazy, I know.

@Simeon I don’t know any details, but if you added project syncing across iPads (or iPhones) using iCloud Drive, that could allow you to drop files into your Codea folder in your iCloud Drive using a Mac or PC and then said files could be accessed from Codea. To take the Mac/PC out of the equation you’d need a way to put files into you iCloud Drive from your iPad, which a solution for that probably already exists.

is there html that will pull github project source into a codea tab?