Placeholder art

After using a template for iAd, Im supposed to put my art into the assets, but when I put them in and run the app, all that happens is when the game runs, the art is replaced by black rectangles. What are the possible reasons for it to use placeholders instead of my art? Does the art have to be in a certain folder, or would it matter where the art is referenced, and if so, in what file is the art imported with the project referenced? I used the same names for the art as I did in the code.

Yes, when using the template the game art is in Rainingballs>Assetpacks, you delete the folders that are in there by default (May be empty of folders) and replace with the assetpacks from your exported game.

The next problem you will run into is app icons. When you exported the game from Codea, there is a custom Icon option, you will want to put a 1024x1024 Icon for your game in there. This will create about 16 different sized Icons that you will use in Xcode for your Icon on devices. You will find the Icon files for your exported project in Projectname>Projectname>Images.xcassets>Appicon.appiconset, copy and paste those icons into the template in the same folder.

In Xcode there is an Icons tab where you assign these icons to the different devices.

How do I delete it? It doesn’t seem to be allowing me to delete the files inside
asset packs.