Pizza Clicker [UPDATED]

Here ya go.

@Kai - please stop making new threads for every post.

Keep ALL your posts for your project in the same thread.

That way, you will get the most help.

Hey I’ve mase It were it will save your number but I would now like to add some sprites as power ups. How would I do this?

This is the current code

function setup()

function touched(touch)
    if touch.state==BEGAN then

function draw()
    x = readLocalData("save", 0)
    background(0, 41, 255, 255)
    text("SUPA FAST!!!",WIDTH/2,400)
    fill(0, 0, 0, 255)
    if x == 100 then speech.say("WOW") end 
    if x > 100 then  speech.stop() end 

Try this. I don’t know if it’s work:

x =< z

I don’t know why it won’t post correctly I will try to fix this

Hey @dave17 I’m doing the ~~~ but the code wont post right, what am I doing wrong?

The 3 ~'s go on a line by itself before and after the code. Tap the gear icon to the upper right of your code above and select edit. You’ll see the 3~'s before and after your code.

Ok I will try @dave1707

@dave1707 still doesn’t work hmm

Looking at your code at the top of this discussion, I see the 3~'s at the top of your code, but I don’t see any at the end. It also looks like you’re missing code at the end.

Yeah I am @dave1707, but in preview it shows complete, hmm

You are probably using html tags by mistake, what is on the first line that is not showing? You may have to just describe it (instead of showing it), if the forum software refuses to show it.