i used physics.body,joint,REVOLUTE, i think´s nice use this for physics methods :-?

Cool! Speak spanish?

yep @quezadav

video: i forget

Nice job. Have you suggested using the built in recording tool?

yes, @Zoyt. I use it, but I have a problem when I record from the ipad in some codes, even if you can see a panel discussion I did.
in this case when I record the colors become completely white and can not see anything

here @Zoyt

I see. OK.

@luismi cool!
What about a magnet oscillator? This is a fascinating game i bought 15 years ago where you can place 9 magnets on a plate, and a top one moves freely about 5mm above them (ttied from above by a 10 cm stick). Then you let the top one fall and watch its random path, which can go on for 1 or 2 minits with repulsive configurations.

Thanks @jmv38
The game you said is magnet oscillator ? Is that the name ??

I dont know the name. I just bought it in an airport, when it was fashionable…

Here it is:

Perfect i’ll take a look @jmv38