Pause music when control center is open

Hey everyone,
is it possible to detect if the control center is open and whether the menu is open that shows all currently running apps? I’ve noticed that typically, apps mute their music/sound-effects whenever you enter one of these menus.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Does anyone have an idea? I still haven’t been able to figure out a solution

@Leon i don’t think it’s possible. As far as I can tell, Codea stops running so you can’t write anything to check if you’re not running. Once the music starts playing it’s probably controlled by the iOS and doesn’t stop until something send a request to stop it. Even if there was a way to detect if Codea was being pushed to the background, how much time would it have to do anything. I wonder if there’s some kind of an option for Codea to continue running in the background.

@dave1707 Thanks for your answer! That’s interesting. I’ve tested this with several apps and they all manage to pause their music. So presumably, iOS gives apps enough time to pause their music.