How difficult would making a pathfinding algorithm be for a grid of tiles? I want to one for a thingy I’m working on, but I don’t understand any of the ones I’ve seen around on the forums here.

@Monkeyman32123 Do a forum search. I remember seeing several examples, but I don’t remember them off hand. You can do a search and find which one suits your needs.

I actually just grabbed some A-Star path finding code from @Reefwing’s tutorial site not 2 days ago. It works great and is specifically written to work with a grid.


Ignatz has some tutorials on this here

Nice, @Ignatz also uses @Reefwing’s A-Star code :slight_smile: @Ignatz’ maze tutorial is fantastic btw. I wish I had realized it was there a few days ago, as I’ve pretty much been doing exactly the stuff that’s in it!

I made a a-star for my hexagon library.

Tell me if you need any help with it. :slight_smile: