Pasteboard.image BUG

if you take a photo while in landscape left and do a paste image it will paste the image upside down, however if the photo is taken in landscape right and copied and pasted it will be right side up.


I found the bug and updated my post.

Glitch? Just a theory why it happen…

Does anyone know a fix for this? To tell if the pasteboard.image photo was taken in landscape left or right. My app is done, but this is really important here is a fix for this.

Because of landscape,why don’t you use CurrentOrientation, WIDTH, LANDSCAPE_ANY, there are many orientations try them


Photos taken while landscape_left OUTSIDE of my app will be upside down INSIDE the app if pasteboard.image is used.

Hmmm, I’ve tried making a basic program, and copied an image from photos, the problem doesn’t seem to appear for me…