Paste into project duplicate tab

Hello all,
From Working Copy, if I copy code as a Codea project that has a --# Main tab, then the project is created with two Main tabs, neither of which can be deleted. Anyone know a solution, or what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

have you tried pasting the clipboard into a plain text editor to examine it? Does if have 2 --# Main sections? Examine the Info.plist file in the repo, does it list Main twice? I’ve not encountered this before.

You are correct. It seems Working Copy is now automatically adding --# to each Tab to be imported, so no need to do so manually. Thanks!

Yup, Working Copy’s Copy to Codea command has always worked like this, by mimicking Codea’s paste-into-project format. If there’s an Info.plist it’ll use this get the tabs in the right order