Parameters in exported project?

I’m planning to export some of my projects in the future and was wondering if the parameters will show up on the device or if I have to make my own controls?

They’ll show up by default, you have to hide them with displayMode(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS). It’s not recommended to use the default parameters, though, because people could use the console and run functions or edit variables.

Do apple allow apps that have the console showing?

Thanks, so I guess there no way to only disable the console?

Don’t think so. Soda has buttons, sliders, text entry (no colour picker yet)

i think it is a shame we cannot use the parameter overlay in our published apps. It is quite powerful, simple and looks good. Just being able to disable the console, and control the size of the output panel from the code would be probably be enough.

Apple does not accept parameters overlay in published apps?

Why will the Console stay?