PaintIt Pro beta testers needed!

Hi all, I’ve come to release my first app now which is one of my most worked on. It’s a drawing app that I’ve been testing myself up until its release for bugs but now I need it in the hands of differently minded people to see if they can break something. I have 10 promo codes to give out so anyone interested drop comment below.
P.s This isn’t really beta testing rather just testing.

I’m definitely interested!

I’m good at breaking stuff! :smiley:

7 accidental duplicate comments… Wow. New high score!

I’d love to. :slight_smile:

Me too! :smiley:

Thank you all, there are 2 codes left now!

@Luatee I’ll do it! :smiley:

@Luatee Yes please! :slight_smile:

If you still have a code left I’m definitely interested.

@luatee looks like i am too late here, but if you still have codes, i’ ll try it

would be interesting to see how it performs, since I made some code for drawing to compare with. :slight_smile:

@Luatee - more than happy to help you test as your helping me out with my beta testing

Last two testers were picked at random, thank you to everyone who offered or got involved! For everyone else, pick it up for 69p!

is it written in codea?

@piinthesky - Yes.

@piinthesky all of it is Codea, that’s why I love Codea so much.

@Luatee: I cannot seem to find it in the US store. If it’s there, could you post a link?

@daveedvdv PaintIt Pro brings it up, but for some reason even though the name matches perfectly it’s not the first result. Sorta in the bottom left part of the screen. Silver background, paintbrushes on it.

The link to it is at

@SkyTheCoder I know if I type in Paint I can’t even find it amongst the results, apple seems to take downloads and ratings very serious for search results. PaintIt should bring it up on the first 5, didn’t realise I stole someones app name O:-)
If anyone can draw something nice using it (I can’t because I’m terrible at professional looking artwork) I would like to put it on with the screenshots for the next version, thanks.