Packaging the app as a stand alone

So I’m getting close to wanting to package up my app and build as a standalone.
However I have some pretty basic questions about what will remain in my app and what only exists when running from the Codea IDE.

Does the parameter window get displayed in a standalone app, or does that only come with the ide run time?

What about backgrounding the app? While running codea I can exit the app and return to it later, but will that continue to behave the same as a stand alone, or must I code for that behaviour?

Why don’t I just try and see you ask. I’m a windows PC guy and I will need a friend with a mac + xcode to build for me.

The parameter window will work fine, you must call FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS if you want to hide it completly. I’m not sure what you mean when you say “background the app”. You do not need to code for opening and closing an app. If you are talking about resuming it from where it was, then yes you need to code for that.

@Famous - I presume you mean ‘backgrounding’ rather than ‘exiting’? In this case, iOS will do all the hard work and put your app to sleep and save the current state when it was suspended. The only caveat to this is when the iPad/iPhone is running low on memory, then it will attempt to purge any old suspended apps in order (oldest first).

Unfortunately, theres no way via Codea you can detect if your app is ‘asleep’, although you can do this via Xcode using some additional hooks I believe.

Yes “backgrounding” is what I need to do. I will need to be able to resume to current state (plus I need to run a timer with notifications being fired"
FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS seem like what I’m after, thanks