OSC (Open Sound Contol)

It would be totally awesome to have an implementation of OSC in Codea - it would allow for the creation of algorithmic music generators based on physical models that could then be used to control Reaktor, Pure Data, Max for Live etc etc.

Doesn’t have to be a full implementation - even if it just sent floats and ints it would be extremely useful.

I wholeheartedly agree. I recently read where TouchOSC will be supporting Lua in a future update. This could be interesting times ahead indeed.

Any possible music oriented features would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for an already great app.

Yeah, very excited about TouchOSC. Codea has much richer graphic abilities than TouchOSC which has its own strengths so I don’t see them as replacements for one another.

Actually if Codea has bidirectional OSC then TouchOSC can be used as a control surface for it, too, on a second device. I do hope Codea OSC would receive as well as send if it’s implemented at all.

I’ve just been familiarising myself with OSC. I understand it’s a content format.

The sort of support you’re looking for is a library to encode and decode data from the OSC format.

How would OSC data be sent and received?

It generally uses UDP i believe.

Would this be a problem getting approval from Apple? Lemur already does scripting and uses OSC. And iLuabox has a comprehensive networking library.

@peterdines it’s not a problem. It just means exposing raw sockets (or coming up with something nicer). I dislike the low level socket library design, though in this case it would be exactly what you need.

Another audio feature request would be to only take over audio when it is used in the code, currently Codea stops the music from Spotify when I try to listen to music and code at the same time :slight_smile:

@Simeon Would I need to program on that level to use it? I’m not familiar with low level networking… what I’d like is something like a class where I define a destination object with an IP address and receive or send values and OSC strings that identify the values.

Maybe ultimately this OSC class would rely on a lower level networking library that people could access and build on if they really wanted to…