Does Ortho2D exist in the Lua used by Codea?
I found this: http://www.cs.rutgers.edu/~decarlo/428/glu_man/ortho2d.html

	  gluOrtho2D - define a	2D orthographic	projection matrix

	  void gluOrtho2D( GLdouble left,
			   GLdouble right,
			   GLdouble bottom,
			   GLdouble top	)

	  left,	right Specify the coordinates for the left and right
		      vertical clipping	planes.

	  bottom, top Specify the coordinates for the bottom and top
		      horizontal clipping planes.

	  gluOrtho2D sets up a two-dimensional orthographic viewing
	  region. This is equivalent to	calling	glOrtho	with near=-1
	  and far=1.

	  glOrtho, gluPerspective

I was not sure if I should post this as a question or code sharing as it kind of fits into both

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Take a look at the ortho function in Codea. This does what you want (I think).

Edit Oh, hang on. I didn’t see that it was specifically a 2d thing. You could do this with ortho but that works on 3D so you need to specify a near and far as well (much as the description hints). Indeed, the description shows that ortho2d is simply a wrapper around ortho so whilst strictly speaking there isn’t an ortho2d primitive, you could write the wrapper yourself.