OpenURL works with locally-stored HTML! Easy way to do offline hyper-text documents

Apologies if this is widely known. I just tried it, thinking, this is never going to work, but it works! :smiley:

OpenURL can open and correctly render an HTML file that you have in your Dropbox.

In Soda, I’ve been using the “help” question mark button to load the file hosted on github. But I was thinking it would be really nice if this would work while the user was offline.

To create the html from the I used the Mac app Marked 2, which allows you to include various templates in the HTML, including the GitHub one, so the formatting is presented properly.

The internal hyperlinks work.

There’s also the option of including the images in the html, but I haven’t tried this yet.

This could be a very easy way of including rich hypertext documents, including hyperlinked cross references, tables of contents etc, within Codea projects.

Here’s the code (all two lines of it):

    local path = os.getenv("HOME").."/Documents/Dropbox.assetpack/"
    openURL(path.."SodaREADME.html", true)

An image:

local html

it could be used for local video?