On Screen Stop Watch help

Hey I really need help I have been trying for 2 days to get an on screen stop watch and print the score and high score for my wakeamole game and really need help please help oh yeah and a restart botton it would be a real big help

here you have countdown timer example from Dave1707: http://codea.io/talk/discussion/comment/12474#Comment_12474
you can easily modify to make a stopwatch.

If you want to reset your entire game, you can use restart(). But that’s probably not what you’re after in a fully developed game. In that case, you should just reset the relevant variables and execute your setup() or init() function again, depending on your code.

On a side note: you should use some interpunction in your posts :wink:

@Dantheman2001 If you’re looking for a high score routine, try the link below.