@Simeon The game freeze when I fight with cyclop. I experienced this 2 times on my iPad mini.

@wave I’m working on fixing this bug, thanks for letting us know.

I just contributed to (i.e. I just bought Crabitron from the App Store). Crushing vehicles and eating people is quite entertaining. The only issue I have is what happens after my beloved Crab is destroyed. The program takes me to the ‘Crab Rating’ screen, which is fine. But after I hit ‘Next,’ it goes to the ‘Game Over’ home screen. That probably isn’t what you want to happen.

When you allow a break in the action like that, players often say, “Oh… I guess the game is over so I’ll go make a vegemite sandwich.” Then, they may not return to the game again. A better option would be to throw the player back into the action as soon as he hits the ‘Next’ button. Then he’ll say, “Oh… I guess I’m playing again. Heck, why not?” That’s what makes a good game an addictive game.

@Ric_Esrey very good point. It’s something that bugs me, too. The mission completion stuff should play through automatically. We will look at changing it.

Great game @Simeon, havnt had as much fun since I first played Fruit Ninja a few years ago! (I guess this is the sort of feedback you guys want to hear!) - really love the quirky bonkers vibe to it all…I’m sure it will do very well! P.s. what sort of marketing have you been doing out of curiosity?

This is probably the first game I’ve played that uses a sort of ‘virtual arms’ paradigm and It’s interesting to find that my ‘right handed-ness’ in the real world also seems to occur in Crabitron as well ie. I tend to instinctively want to use the right claw/arm more than the left? Anyone else find this? I also found its quite demanding on the old fingers (in a good way!) - I’m sure I’ve got a blister developing! :wink:

@andymac3d Thanks! I know this sounds weird but if you use a screen protector the game actually gets easier because the friction is lower and your fingers don’t stick as much.

Thanks @John - yes, I’ll try it with a protector or maybe I shouldn’t press as hard! :wink: Seriously fab game!

Heh, I’m loving that disclaimer in the trailer! :)) I can’t wait to get it! (Pssst, Not available in the South African AppStore…)

@Jordan I think games are not allowed on the South African App Store because the law requires them to be locally classified before they can be listed. I’ve sent you a promo code so you can play it anyway.

Simeon, may I just say you are by far the best person I have ever been priviledged to be in contact over the internet with! Thanks so much! You just made my hour, day, month, and pretty much the rest of my life! THANKS SO MUCH!

I’ve never had more fun playing with my food! I love it so much! The tiny details are awesome, from being able to play with your eyes to teeth getting knocked out! @Simeon, you have completely killed my productivity!

I guess you could call this the new Pocket God. It won’t be long before I see it on the featured page.

That didn’t take long. Crabitron is already featured in the US store. It almost gave me a heart attack. Your hard work paid off. Great job (wish I could afford it right now).

Just got paid and bought it. I can’t wait to play.

Wow!! Crabitron just jumped up 23 places on Apple’s top 200 apps list. It’s currently sitting at #91 on the list.

UPDATE: Now it’s number 66 on Apple’s top 200 chart. Congrats TLL!!

Okay… I only have one issue with Crabitron. Because I use four fingers to activate the claws, I have to turn multitouch gestures ‘off’ in settings before I can play. Otherwise, it messes up the game. Afterward, of course, I have to turn multitouch back on. Can you smart folks come up with a solution to keep me from having to change the settings before and after each game?

The only thing I can think of is to offer something like ‘Auto-Claws’ as an option. My thought is that Auto-Claw could be an optional upgrade, on one or both claws, that would allow the player to use only one finger per claw. As the claw gets near a target, it would automatically snap and crush it. The more I think about it, however, the less certain I am that it would be a good solution. It may take the fun out of the game. In the end I may have to live with changing the settings.

Wow, I LOVE this game from the beginning :slight_smile:

Well, I also have a 2D physics project waiting to be finished, engine bugs are now corrected with new versions of Codea so I am happy that the process is advancing now, and we also can add shaders! which is so cool, soon I am going to release a new game made with Codea :wink:

Hope the game Crabitron does wonderful in AppStore, you deserve it!

App Store official twitter account:

Control a giant space crab clawing through the galaxy in the hilarious new game, Crabitron. @TwoLivesLeft #iPad

I am sure that this help alot with sales…

Found the game to be realy great, and i got it for my younger brother and sister also. Kids like it!

@Simeon I see there’s an update to Crabitron in the store - can we expect an update to the crabstarter page soon too?