Off topic - What's the amount of time its taken the app store to approve your game?

I’m interested to know roughly how long people have to wait to get their games reviewed and approved by Apple. It’s all exciting sending your game out into the ether.

The Major

Its very exciting indeed, it usually takes around 5-6 days. To be safe I’d say you’ve got a week before you need to worry about whether apple likes it or not. Take a look here: This will show you average and other peoples times to give you a better picture. Raw twitter data is what you want to compare with.

Awesome thanks @Luatee . How was your own experience? Have you been through that yet?

6 days for my app…

I released a couple different (but the same, pro and lite) versions of my app, both accepted around a week. The pro version took 6 days and the lite version took 7 days, even though the lite version is considerably smaller. I don’t think you will have any hassle, Apple seems to have relaxed their policies a tiny bit but thats just an observation.

Mine took about 7 days.

The longest one for me took the better part of a monlth. After two weeks, I got a note that the app had been rejected because of the name (BullPuckey). I appealed. The appeal was granted a week later, and then it was about five days till it actually appeared in the store.

6 days for me

@Mark I’ve read in various places on the interweb that you can get rejection and other issues similar solved in a day if you call developer support and approach the call from the right angle, you may want to look that up but it has helped a lot of people. I don’t think you’ll be giving an app an inappropriate name anytime soon anyway :wink: