[OFF TOPIC] For all those fellow 'Walking Dead' game fans here

After doing some research into TellTale Games ‘TellTale Tool’, I found out that it was written in the Lua Scripting language, and I was wondering, would Codea ever even come close to being able to make something like that?

@CodeaNoob why not? It would take a team to accomplish it. The 3d would be the trickiest part.

@CodeaNoob it is diffidently possible, but like Briarfox said, the 3-D would be the trickiest part,well, that and 3-D Cell shading.

Thanks for the response! I thought that the 3-D would be the hardest, I just thought i’d double check

Also off topic, but another cool game that uses lua is Smash Hit. (Is free if you want to check it out)