[OFF-TOPIC] Cool Poem

So while surfing some websites, I saw this cool poem and thought I should post it:

If roses are red,

and violets are blue,

then by the commutative property (a + b = b + a), the color

blue is actually violet, and what two colors make violet?

Red and Blue, which means you need red to make violet, and since 

violet is actually blue, you need red to make blue, but what makes


The past tense of read, because the word you read more than any other word so far in the equation?

Blue. You read blue creating violet.

And because violets are actually blue, it proves that not only did I just BLOW your mind, but everything you just red (Past Tense,) actually just BLUE your Mind

@CodeaNoob beware! All this approximate logic is going to make Andrew really blow a fuse! :wink:

@Jmv38 I was decidedly ignoring this discussion …