[Off Topic] Connect to OS X Server using PC?

My objective:
Run xcode from my pc via a remote connection to my macbook.

The only thing I use my macbook for is to develop iPad and iPhone apps. I would love to close the lid, and let it run in the garage 24/7 and just connect to it from my pc (or iPad for that matter) when I want to do some developing.

Does anyone have any experience with mac os x server? Are the connections better than using RealVNC to remote into the mac from a pc? Can a pc even connect to an os x server? And if so, what program does it use to do it?

Do you have any great ideas on how to run xcode from a pc?


If you want to use your iPad, look into dringend. It’s been mentioned on the forum a few times, notably the post Obj-c on your iPad!

For the PC, is the RealVNC too slow? Or have you simply not tried it and are looking to see if there is a better way?

@MrScience101 - There are ways to control Xcode via Terminal. If you create an SSH connection from your PC to your Mac and use a wifi file sharing method to edit your Xcode project, that’d work great. For things you can’t edit in text (i.e. encrypted stuff in the .xcodpoj file), you could use VNC. I’ll see if I can find a link on controlling Xcode via the terminal.
Edit: You probably only need this: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7486326/build-run-ios-xcode-project-from-terminal You can probably find much more on Google. LMK how this works!
Edit #2: Full documentation: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/Darwin/Reference/ManPages/man1/xcodebuild.1.html

@JakAttak I tried TightVNC and the results were not very good, but that was a year ago. I should try again with mavericks and RealVNC and see if it has improved. I don’t mind slow, or even a bit laggy, but with TightVNC some of the windows would not update, which made it impossible to code.

@Zoyt, thanks!