[Off Topic] (About @TheRogueBatcher)

Hello people of Codea. I have a confession to make.

Last year I had a different Codea account. It was called “TheRogueBatcher”. While I was under that alias I was a bit of an obnoxious prat to many of you. I apologise for that. It is a black mark on my record that I can never wipe away. I decided to not contribute to the Codea forums for approximately a year until I had matured a bit mentally. I’m back now

I promise to not be a little prat like I was in the past and I apologise to any I have offended.


Well, thank you for being honest.

I’m sure the people here are prepared to give you a second chance.

No problem @Toxyn, glad you’re joining us again.

Thank you all and I’m sorry for being a moron

@Toxyn we’re all morons from time to time, we all make mistakes. The only way to not make a mess is to never start making in the first place, but that’s a very boring life.