Objective C Question: Prevent duplicate jump in time when manually rendering GLKView

I promise, I’m not trying to prove my point that the runtime should be open source, but I have another question about the runtime. Basically, when you manually render the Codea GLKView while scrolling, it runs smoothly and works as expected (on a physical device), as scrolling. When the scrolling stops, the DeltaTime seems to jump forward the amount of time that you were scrolling. Is there any way I can disable this feature?

Let’s hope that your arguments lead to something more than just silence as response. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your extensions to the system!

@tnlogy - Haha. Thanks…

Not sure if it’s possible. I’m saying that because I’ve seen scrolling in other apps too, where the background freezes while you drag and suddenly time shoots up when it stops scrolling.

@Zoyt This issue is in the shader lab if you scroll your code then the shader will stop then jump forward to the point in time after scroll, I’m not sure they’ve got a fix for it…

@Luatee - This also happens when you scroll the output panel. It happens with any scroll view. If you were reading Codea Commits, you’d have noticed Simeon tried the fix I’m using right now, but he probably had a similar issue to my current one, in addition to the choppiness of the scrolling.