Objective C In App Purchases Add on

I’m tying up some loose ends, since I’m pretty much done with Codea. I had a great time here, the community is great, and generally learning to code here was a great experience, but I need more advanced tools now. Anyways, here’s another Objective C library I kept forgetting to share:
If you don’t know how to set this up, go here:
Also, please note that you need to include https://github.com/Zoyt/EasyiAP in your project for this to work.

@Zoyt nice having you around! Good luck with with your future plans :smiley:

@kirorp - Thanks!

@Zoyt you’ve been a huge help to the community, will we see you moving on to obj-c apps or are there other plans?

@Zoyt you have been an asset to the community, you will be missed.

@Zoyt, nice having you here. Great addon. Keep on coding.

Thanks a bunch! This is really useful

Thanks everyone.
@zapper - No problem.