Obj-c on ipad!

@Cabernet found this and it’s pretty neat.

Looks like we may have the ability to create a project in Codea export to dropbox and open it in Dringend to play with the obj-c and build the app to the device!


It looks like you connect it to a build server at home. The project is compiled on the build server and sent back to the ipad where it can be run. Seems like a great companion app for Codea!

Wow! I’m very, very, very skeptical that Apple will allow this, though. Let me go find the key rule that I think would make this app get blocked.
Edit: It seems that Apple may have removed this condition. Apple use to not allow users to dynamically create Cocoa elements. I’m sure Apple will find a way to reject it, but if it gets by… That would be amazing.
Edit #2: You still need a Mac and internet connection to use this, but you can sill be on a separate wifi or using cellular service. Source: http://dringend.cc/constructor.html

@Zoyt yeah it was rejected once but apple agreed to re evaluate it. This would be awesome. I might have to jailbreak for it if apple denies it.

@Briarfox thank you for discovering this.
Let the first one who tries it inform the rest of us!

Amazing! Never again will I have to use my mac for Xcode :slight_smile:

@Briarfox - I saw that, but I thought I had done enough edits. I don’t think Apple will reject it, if there is anybody who reviews it who actually knows how it works.

@JakAttak you’d still need to use it to build the code. It looks like the app sends it to the mac, builds it and then installs on the ios device.

@Briarfox - I almost said that, and then I reread it. :confused: He was just saying he doesn’t need to be at it. He tweeted a few hours ago the new version is in review. If the review goes like it did before, it may take 2-3 days.

@time_trial pointed out that apple approved Dringend. However it doesn’t work with 7.1 and the update has been submitted. It looks like we"ll be able to export from Codea into dropbox then open the project in dringend and play with the obj-c! We will need a mac connected to build the project which is then wirelessly installed on the ipad.

This seems like a great companion app for codea!

I became a bit sad when i heard that it would need an mac to be able to compile. Darn apple, ruined my dreams. (i like doing things offline and on my iPad)

Now released and showing in the UK App Store. Haven’t started my learning on Obj-C yet, and I mostly use Air Code anyway, so not picking this up myself yet. Will be interested to hear experiences and comparisons to Codea itself.

I’ll grab it. I can run a Mac as a build server at work. One step closer to never leaving my iPad.

I’m just waiting for the fabled ‘iPad Pro’ that will let me run both Codea and Xcode [-O<

I just need to get the codea file into dropbox unzipped.

@Briarfox, something like good reader could do that for you I believe.

@time_trial We’ve also got it here in Australia. Still debating as to whether or not to get it

@JakAttak - The DropBox app does the trick. BTW, use the app Documents. Much better than most other file managers.

I can unzip it but the app usually wants to zip it to send it to Dropbox. Can’t figure out how to send it to Dropbox unzipped.

@Briarfox - You can not send a file that is not compressed between apps. It’s just the way it works. So you’ll have to put it in DBox, then unzip it yhere. When I get to a computer, I’ll post a bit more detail.