Now that the iPhone 6 plus has more pixels than my iPad 1, can we get CODEA on at least the 6 plus

  1. I’m getting a 6 plus. If I can put CODEA on it, I will not have to replace my iPad 1 with a newer one that I otherwise don’t need.

  2. Does anyone write CODEA programs on an iPad mini?

Since I have no experience with CODEA 2.0, I don’t know what the new editor does beyond my CODEA 1 on my Ipad 1.

  1. As a personal project, I will eventually be creating in CODEA my own code editor.

It will have a custom keyboard in the lower right corner that can expand to a full screen selection panel that expands on the CODEA keyboard’s one line API function short cutter.

It will present the CODEA source in tree, call graph, and any other form I can think of at various zoom levels to make reading, editing and creating CODEA projects as easy as I can make it.

  1. As a side effect, a small screen becomes as useful as a larger screen for programming.

  2. Thanks for making project source readable and writable.

Now I have no excuse for not doing the type of code reader/writer that I have been working on since I first saw a flowchart back in the 1960’s when I started programming.

Any ideas or encouragement will be appreciated.

Once I get the editor working to my satisfaction, I’ll share it. But don’t expect it soon - I’m a slow coder.

Thanks for your time

@CodingOnNapkins - yes, there are people coding on the mini (eg @JakAttak).

I don’t see why you won’t be able to use Codea on the iPhone 6. We look forward to seeing what you can do with it.

And the current editor is definitely an improvement on the version for Codea 1.

Yup, I code on the iPad Mini. However, I have the LG G3 (5.5in screen) and coding on it would be a chore. I guess it’s all about having the choice though.

I code on the iPad mini, and its great

You can’t limit your app to certain models of the iPhone, unless it actually needs a certain feature other than screen space (i.e. gyroscope, camera, etc.). And I don’t see a point to it.

@JakAttak I don’t mean to go off-topic for this part: How is the G3? Compared to maybe an Xperia Z3? I’ve got an upgrade coming on my plan and I’m spoilt for choice.
Also will the iPhone 6 be able to run iPad apps?

@Luatee The 6 won’t be able to. However, the 6 plus’ bigger screen has made apple create a landscape mode for built-in apps on that device, even a landscape mode for the home screen.

@Luatee, it’s fantastic - fairly light skin, great performance, stellar battery life, beautiful - but so our most of them :slight_smile: If I had to choose now, I might end up with one of the New MotoX’s, but other than that I love my G3. Only gripe, it’s a little large, so I recommend holding one before deciding.

@JakAttak thanks for the honest opinion! @Saturn031000 I think they should make it so the 6 Plus can run iPad apps (being a phablet).

@Luatee Even if they did, the 6 plus has a 16:9 screen ratio while the iPad has a 4:3 screen ratio, which would make the apps have black space on either side on the iPhone.

I think the idea of Codea on iPhone is more exciting than ever with the release of iPhone 6 and 6+.

@Saturn031000 good point, but it wouldn’t look anywhere near as bad as when they decided to put iPhone apps on the iPad (pixelated mess). I think they could get away with it in some ways (obviously stretching isn’t an option).

@Luatee Agreed.