Hello. I’m new to this programming program(no pun intended :)) and have the found the launguage completely different
from the progam I have previously used, a intro to programming called “Small Basic”, a program funded and produced by Microsoft. I have found few guides to the launguage, and have also noticed there is no way for the person running the program to input text as to get a response from the program. In other words, it is impossible to assign something enterd by the user to a variable… I am a teenager with a desire to explore the wonders of technology. :slight_smile: I have a little experience under my belt but it hasn’t proved valuable when using codea. I am open to any suggestions on how and where to start. Thank you for your time.

If you’re just looking for a number, try parameter() or iparameter().

But - you’ll find that small basic and codea have a very different architecture - I wouldn’t expect it to be easy to use one to learn another. Rather - I suggest you go look at the Codea Examples. Spritely, in particular, has a TextBox class that can be used for text input. But - Codea wasn’t really designed for a text-heavy environment - it was designed for graphics.

Ok, thank you for your input