Non-Game Codea App

My thought is that I want to make an app that is not a game and is much less interactive than most everything I see others making. I want to start simple. I want to create an app that allows Borderlands 2 players to spec out different combinations of skill trees for each character. I want them to be able to see the direct correlation each skill has on each individual stat, I.e. accuracy, fire rate, reload speed, etc. I’m brand new to coding and have no idea even where to start. If someone can point me in a helpful direction with a link to a tutorial or similar app made with codea I would greatly appreciate it!!

one way to start is to devide the app into different subcomponents. Then start working on each component seperately.
For starters, try displaying a single value. Then allow the value to depend on a single input.
Use the example programs to start

This is very possible. The issue is, you will have to build your UI from scratch. If you look around, there are many examples to do so.

Heres one I did and submitted to the appstore which deals with the MMORPG, Eve Online.