No sound on iPad

I hate to be a pain. There is no sound on my iPad. Is this a known issue or a problem on my box only?

@swiftjuan Make sure the volume is turned up and run this. You should hear an explosion sound.

function setup()
    sound(SOUND_EXPLODE, 9339)

No Sound made. All other apps and mussic work. Just not codea.

@swiftjuan is your iPad on silent? I believe on silent music and movies will still play audio, so it could be misleading.

As a last resort, try restarting your iPad and testing sound again.

you sir are correct. Thanks so much!

One more question. Can you uise custom aiff or mp3 sounds in a game?

@swiftjuan, yes you can. you can import them via Dropbox.

@swiftjuan if you want to import sound files via your pc

thanks all. I have copied them to dropbox but they do not show???

@swiftjuan Did you connect your Codea to your Dropbox, put it in your /Dropbox/Apps/Codea, and then sync it in Codea?

I just bought an ipad air, my pgms get error msg because sound location is invalid… can anyone get me a pgm up to date…that plays a sound so I cud see how to load sound into the upgraded version ?..

@kendog400 I don’t know what you mean by sound location. Do any of the Codea examples that play sound work.

Sound works for me in my iPad Air 4, maybe the projects are out of date on your iPad @kendog400