Next version suggestions (Current 2.1.1)

@Slashin8r whoops missed that then :slight_smile:

@XanDDemoX, oh I didn’t notice you already suggested that. It’s definitely needed, hehe.

BTW, the indent is the upper left button. Just need it to work both ways.

@Slashin8r indeedy that’s my suggestion i thought you meant it did that already :slight_smile:

@Simeon - YES! LFS will be great. I thought no one saw that thread. Thanks!

@Simeon Any chance of a gui? I really like using codea for non games and a gui would be amazing. IMHO It’s one of the biggest things Codea is missing. I currently use Cider but I dread updates to cider and/or codea that might change the functionality.

GPS and Compass access. I have a GIS project ready to code up as soon as I can access the GPS and compass.

Have a GUI competition and the best one gets used in codea?

LFS would be fantastic :slight_smile:

@Luatee works for me!

Don’t know if this has been mentioned, but a functionality that lets you download people’s uploaded projects from within codea straight in to codea? So codea can create a new project and store the code in tab order allowing for much easier sharing

@Luatee I believe apple made TLL remove that functionality or at least something similar, it was before my time here. I’ve tried to remedy this with autogist.

Yeah I’ve seen your efforts on this, quite easy to use and quite beginner friendly but I’m not in to setting up a GitHub and all that, I would prefer to have it as a little drop space where everyone on the forum can put there projects without having to copy and paste all of it, just an extra option next to the export option when you hold down on a project, that’s for upload then use an in app browser to download direct to codea, I’m not seeing how this could be restricted?

@Luatee : Codea 1.2.7 : Due to a notification from Apple, Codea 1.2.7 removes the project sharing feature. We will work with Apple to try and make it available again in the future so you can share your creations.

@Simeon, do you think apple can restrict an app made in codea for share project ?

That’s it yeah, pretty sure I remember Simeon saying he was trying to get it through but never heard anything after that, I’m sure apple will be a bit lighter on their restrictions now, I mean I don’t see what that can conflict with? Open source sharing of projects made in codea is a really good framework for a place for beginners to see different types of coding with lua (as every person has their own personal methods) and to learn from quick grab and go loader that will load it in to a new project. I mean this could be made for jail break iPads as a standalone app but then it requires money to set up a server and such. I don’t think many people use jailbreak on this forum

Got a good suggestion that can probably be implemented fairly easily.

Make it so textAlign works with single line text. For example, when I set textAlign(RIGHT) and I have my textMode(CORNER) then when I draw text at x,y the text will be drawn to the left of the coordinates. If textMode(CENTER) then textAlign will be ignored for single line text.

@Slashin8r - Totally agree. Same with textAlign(LEFT).

@Zoyt, oops I totally meant draw to the left of x,y for textAlign(RIGHT) as it currently draws to the right of x,y by default. Edited above so it now actually makes sense, hehe.

@Slashin8r you could use text(txt,x-textSize(txt),y) :wink:

@XanDDemoX, yeah that’s what i have been using, it’s just a pain in the butt to have to do that every time when a single line of textAlign(RIGHT) could automatically take care of it for us. In the menus I am setting up, I have to align a lot of text to the right and it gets quite annoying having to add that extra code for each of them.