New website??? Please read

Hi guys, I’m evan. I’ve been digging around in codea for a few days now and just over the past 2 days be looking around in the forums. When I noticed something…there’s not a easy way to share code made in codea. Over the past few years I’ve made a few websites for school and am pretty confident that I could make a simple website for code sharing all from the phone with a copy and paste idea in mind. Is there any thing I’m missing?? And would this be something the community would be interested in??? Any feedback would be appreciated

Oh and when I said Am I missing anything is
Is there a easy way to share code??

‘Easy’ is relative. I just learned a decent way to share; press and hold on your project and tap ‘Copy’, then paste it into a gist, and share the link.

The lack of an easy way to share code is partly because a few years back it was against App Store rules. Apple demanded that the makers of Codea and other iOS code executing apps (eg Pythonista) remove themselves as targets for the “Open In” extensions (ie click on a link to a .codea or .lua file, or press the “share/ action” button, and be presented with the option to “Open in Codea”), or be removed from the App Store.

There are signs that this might be changing now. One of the more recent iOS code-developing apps, Continuous, supports “Open In”. So if you have a .csx (C-Sharp) file somewhere on your device, in Dropbox, WorkingCopy, or wherever, I can press the action button, and have the option to “Import in Continuous”. So it’s perhaps something that the creators of Codea could look at adding again. But it must be incredibly frustrating implementing a feature and then being forced to yank it. I wouldn’t blame them for being wary about re-implementing it.

I guess it’s also because copy-and-paste on iOS is still really messed up.

I agree that Gists, containing either Codea’s “paste-into-project” format (where the entire project is in a single file), or an installer file, are currently the easiest way to share files.

The app Working Copy also has an “Import into Codea” button.

Thanks for all the helpful feedback