New update

Im really excited for the new update, but i am scared it wont be for the ipad 1.
So is it going to be for the ipad 1 or will it be on the newer devices?

There is already a thread on this. Please search before you post. The summary is, though, possibly no. TLL might be able to keep support for iPad 1, but it would not be practical in the future.

@SkyTheCoder oops sorry, but thanks

@jessevanderheide .the new update of codea, that will be very difficult to use for ios 5.1.1, but I know they’re trying to do the best to implement it, and that will be after ios 6 .

i have ipad 1 too, and I think having the community(CC) does not need the new update, for as I said it is very likely that we can not update ios 5.1.1 devices (ipad1)

Wait, the update is already out? Cool! Got to upload my sounds :slight_smile:

@Prynok you said the update of CC?, or Codea

@Prynok - It won’t be out for a while. The audio features are long done, but Simeons working on iOS 7 support. If you’re watching Codea Commits, you’ll see he’s remaking the editor to make it faster and better. Finally, the version might be changed to v2 as well. We’ll see.

hopefully santa simeon can be in time for christmas!