New ideas for er-r-r 1.4.1

Hi All,

I’ve had an idea about the interface, to make improvements, and I’d like your views. My suggestion is:

Codea is built around tabs which hold classes or specific functions. When written properly these would be useful as building blacks for future code masterpieces. At the moment I have to add a new class/file then switch to another application to select and copy the code then paste into my new application - a little messy. So - could we have a local library for each user, where we can copy tabs (I.i. Classes or functions) into and out of. Access could be provided from the class tab as a library link for saving, and from the page as a paste option with the option to change the tab name as part of the insertion.

This way you could build up a library of useful routines, your own or from member donations, which could make development faster - consistent and hopefully more robust.

There are obvious refinements to this - please post any you think of.

Also could you post any suggestions for the best routines generated by members to date - if the suggestion isn’t picked up I’ll build up my own local library for use in Love2D.



Hi All,

Is it just me or do you all get different EMOTEicons when you select on the iPad. Does on mine, but it’s OK on my PC!!!


there have been a few different schemes for library management suggested in the past, and TLL has basically indicated that they see the need, and it’s on the list, but it doesn’t seem to be very high. Given the stuff coming up in 1.4, I’m good with having to manage libraries for a while longer (between http.get and the ability to manage spritepacks, it’s GOOD STUFF)

I’ve suggested in the past allowing classic lua file I/O, but with projects and tabs being your directories and files. Heh - there’s a part of me that wants to do some meta-programming, a project that builds other projects. W00t.

I say, I would seriously kill for the following:

Undo (unless I’m just missing it)
A new type of touched state. Something akin to Touched but not moving.
Better debugging
A better way to organize projects.
A better way to organize files within a project.

Hi @Deamos, there is an undo button on the one of the keyboards, but you have to press one of the buttons first.

I get what you mean about non-moving touches, but there are ways to figure out if it is moving or not within the existing touch() structure. I think I did this in my scroll window class…

@Fred: Yeah, I’ve been able to recreate a non-moving touch setup, but it is more of a pain than anything else.

I would like to second the undo request. I just lost concept code I finally got working, and the one deep undo was not able to help. I was trying to select code with the new select button and hit space by accident. I went to undo and got nothing. Undo with a buffer for the last 5 to 10 changes would really be not only a nice to have, but more so it is a standard in any editing environment.

I would also like to toss in the idea for a global find & replace in the selected code. When I need to rename a variable in a lot of code it would help to find everywhere it lives.

Thanks… Munkie

Shaking the ipad immediately after will undo the last change, also using a BT keyboard allows you to undo/redo using Cmd+Z and CMD+Y (or is it Opt+Z - basically the same modifier you use for cut/paste), although a bigger undo buffer would be really useful!