New here

Hey! I just got the app, know nothing about coding, and was wondering where to get started? I love photoshope and know a bit about adobe flash, and was hoping that allowing one to touch drop code would make it easy to create programs. However, I am finding myself a bit overwhelmed. Any suggestions?

I suggest you start with some simple Lua, the language behind Codea, so you know what things like loops and if tests are about.

The wiki page has a number of links to tutorials

Unfortunately, there is no single place you can go to, to get a start to finish education in Codea. But, then, learning programming always requires pulling information from several sources, so it’s something you’ll need to get used to.

Try this tuto in the wiki:

Start with some simple lua basics, you can fine some good tutorials on YouTube.

How I started was that I looked at the example projects and tried to see what was going on in there

There are also some tutes here: