New codea youtube channel.

I have decided to make video tutorials for codea, feel free to give me ideas :slight_smile:

Here are the tutorials I have planned so far:

  1. Variables
  2. Order (Like the way you order your code, that way it doesn’t break)
  3. Positions
  4. Drawing
  5. Math
  6. “if” statements
  7. functions
  8. Debugging
  9. Tables

Any others?

EDIT: First video is up at: Please give me some feedback on my speech and what I could of done better!

I would add storage/saving, or possibly Internet connection for later on(openURL,http.request,etc.)


Looping: for, while, repeat
Classes, inheritance
Best practices, constants, modularisation,structure
Tweens, touches

Also an in trouction to explain the fact the draw function is the main event loop, how you use the draw function in your own classes, the fact that you effectively change ‘state’ in variables to get the draw function to do what you want…


@Everone Almost done with the first tutorial, sadly, I have speech problems, where I don’t say words correctly/weirdly Would you guys give me some pointers on a sneak peak of it? :slight_smile:

good :slight_smile: @Prynok

Ok, I’m done with the editing, will upload it tonight or tomorrow, again, please point out flaws in my speech, I don’t want to sound like a muffled penguin forever! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Here goes nothing, first episode is up at !

EDIT2: Wow, I sounded tired, lets hope next time I make one I’m more awake!

I don’t know why it was private, fixed the link. Sorry about that.

good start @Prynok , and I saw the first video
if you need help for the next videos only ask

@Luismi Thank you, did you see any small flaws in it? Was the pace to short/fast?

4 things: 1) Typo in desc. Nothing serious, just thought I should point it out. 2) Good pace 3) What do you use to record the screen? 4) If you need any help, just ask

Fixed the typo, thank you :slight_smile: I use Microsoft Expression Encoder to record, still trying to figure out how to record my Ipad screen, might just use the Codea Runtime Recorder, and the Microsoft one.

@Prynok I’ve heard of an App called “Reflector” that lets you have a window on your computer of your iPad’s screen. Then you could just record that.

Also, I’ assuming, as the name includes “Microsoft”, that that screen recorder is not Mac-compatible?

And just for kicks, what is a muffled penguin supposed to sound like?

Edit: Subscribed.

which is the next topic we will ride ? @Prynok

@Luismi Order! :slight_smile:

@Prynok .I’ll send this link to familiarize yourself more with lua (I know that already handle but you can serve to the videos), in chapter 12 talks and explains about codea

@SkyTheCoder Does the Reflector work on Windows, and is it free?

@Luismi Thanks, once I get back, I will take a look at the link.

EDIT: Do you guys think at the end of each episode, I should give a small challenge for the user? For example, for the next tutorial I was thinking of challenging the viewer, to make a little story with the print command, and changing variables.

Episode 2 is out! Tell me what you think!

@Prynok .It was good, but the video does not last nearly anything haha. but slowly explain it well and to understand better. I think you could be a extended a little more, it is clear that the issue is simple, but it is always better to explain a little more, just a suggestion

btw, Reflector works well for recording your whole iPad screen, but it’s a little expensive