I have been planning on making a OS with a display from a website called adfruit. But making a OS is very hard so I gotta start very small before I can do that ( May take years before I’m ready to make a OS -_- ) so I wanted to make one in codea and I did :slight_smile:

There are some apps wen you frist get on. There is a timer app a notes app. File Manager ( FM is a work in progress ) and web browser, and NeonStore. And a game my friend made. Space Flight!. And there is more. You can add your own codea projects to NeonOS. You go to NeonStore and select a app. Let’s say app1, and wen you touch it it brings up a text box and you enter a URL. Like and to add the icon to your codea project you go to NeonOS images and add your app icon and name it app(number). By number I mean if you select app1 or app2 or whatever you tap on that’s what you name the image. I’m hoping on adding a split screen feature that makes it so you can play on two apps at once :slight_smile:
And also a feature were you can change the background

And maybe a codea editor for for your projects :slight_smile:

NeonOS is almost done just need to work on the file manger and a little pit more on adding codea projects to the home screen of NeonOS.

And need to make a Dropbox folder for all the images

I will send images in maybe a week :slight_smile:

Hey if you want to look at my code for ideas you can:
This sounds kind of like what I made, but it also sounds a lot more advanced. I can’t wait to try it!