Need some public ideas

function setup()
        function(d) loadstring(d)() setup() end,
        function(e) print(e) end

Just wanted to ask the community if this game is TOO hard, too easy, or just right, or what could be added. (The general goal is a more challenging text combat game)

There are some small bugs i know of, but if you come across any, let me know!

It’s a little bit too hard. The concept is good. I’ve wanted to make a text based game for ages. But it (your game) just seems too hard, esp in combat. ; rather then move on, I think it should be a scenario based game (ie give the user two options to choose, like that lifeline game), and depending on the option they choose either allow them to get things or potentially have to go into combat (and, when in combat, have rewards, ie there’s a small beast that if killed could provide 12 food. Flee or attack). Good luck with the game :slight_smile: .