Need memory reboot on getting source, sorry.

It’s been so long since I wrote a Codea program and article that I’ve forgotten how to export the source. Seems there used to be a thing that gave me all the source in a file.

I found Export to XCode, and the source is in there, but I’m sure that’s not what I did before.

Reboot me, please … thanks!

The other way to do it is to long press on the project and choose copy, then all the tabs are concatenanted into a single file which is placed on the clipboard, so you can create an email and press paste.

Lastly there’s always Aircode :slight_smile:

I think what you’re thinking of is .codea files. They were taken out due to some violation of Apple guidelines.

The .codea files are simply the project folders stored inside the Codea documents folder.
They can be extracted and replaced by using iExplorer by Macroplant.

Ah, was the copy. Somehow I became confused with copy project above. Thanks!