Need help with low poly 3D world

I’ve been meaning to start at a new project for a while and I’m going to dabble more with 3D. I have some experience as I has experimented with 3d before. To start off my new project I want to create a low-poly(very triangular looking) procedural 3d world. But I’m stuck on how to get it started. Could anyone start me off?

@KidKoder - You can do a lot with your own simple models. In my latest two projects, I built meshes by hand in Codea, which gave me a lot of control over the vertex positions and allowed me to build real low poly models. My tank looks good, but only has 350 vertices in total.

I’ve also built simple dungeons using 2D walls, and buildings using 3D blocks (although you need to cull unseen faces, for performance).

I also have some ebooks here, written specifically for Codea, which include 3D stuff.

I think 3D is the jewel in the crown of Codea. It is a marvellous graphics sandbox for trying all sorts of things.