My Top Design/Paint Apps list on IPad

My Top Design/Paint Apps list on IPad

  1. Sketch Club - Great handling and big community with competitions
  2. ArtStudio - Good and usefule options like Gimp or Photoshop.
  3. Sprite Something - Usefule for Pixel animation.
  4. iDraw - Good for Vector graphic and LogoDesign.
  5. iFontMaker - Make a easy font but for a complex font I work on pc
  6. Procreate - I like the brushes for effects.
  7. 123D Creature - In the moment the best 3D sculpting app for me.

I testing many more Apps like this. But i think this are the best to design.

On PC i work with zBrush, Blender,Toon Boom Studio, Gimp and CorelDraw.

Look at my Blog. But the language is German. The pictures are international. \m/


I also pick Scketch club as head and shoulders over the rest. If for nothing else the community is very much Codea like.

Just bought sketch club on your advice: very good choice!