My N E W Question

  1. How to create an Alert with MY Buttons
  2. If you have a text, How to make in the if-clause:
    If “dHdedxe”… Andy content in ohne Word … “Htcevik”
    Example: “/open”… Andy content
    Or /kick
  3. How to make with openUrl, that the Brouser isn’t codea, that the Brouser is like the forum by code, in your app
  4. Comming Soon! or use the references built in Codea

Okay, what about a scroll that isn’t for full map, that is for a little from the map

And you didn’t answered any of my questions

And how to create a value isn’t existing in the script:
Integer-parameters: pos.x, pos.y, size.x, size.y,,green,blue
An action parameter: The rect will be created, how?

No answers?

@TokOut when asking things on the Internet, generally it helps if you make the title of the thread describe, in part, the issue you are having. Calling it “my N E W question” makes it look like spam, and you probably won’t get very good answers.

I’m afraid that questions 2) and 3) don’t make much sense, sorry.

Number 1, currently if you want GUI in a Codea project beyond the left-hand parameter pane you need to create it yourself or use one of the libraries that other users have created. Search the forum for Cider, Soda, GUI, Windows, etc.