My game won’t work here’s the code. Other users tried helping me in my other discussion

-- basic first person shooter
function setup()
    x = 0
    y = 0
    menu = button(draw:startButton draw:optionMenu)
    game = game = drawWorld(2000, 2000, 2000, 2000) -- makes world 2000 x 2000 x 2000 x 2000 in size
    function draw()
        tint(0, 255, 35, 255)draw:game (line 8)
        function Game()
            display menu()
            if startButton = pressed then startGame
            else display menu

I don’t recognize “display” and I dont see a function called “drawForwardButton” or “drawBackwardButton” is this the whole code or a fragment?

Ima noob at coding and didn’t know what I was doing
It’s the whole code @CodeaNoob

then “display” isnt a proper command (unless its one of the undocumented entries, and you need to have the functions made before you can call them, example:

function setup()

function testFunction()
print('The Test Works')

THe function being called can be anywhere, it just needs to exist. I would be glad to help you on a PM chat if you need help with a game!

P.S. Read Ignatzs tutorials at, they are very helpful

Read through Ignatz’s ebook then work through the tutorials and blogs on the wiki.


@Noobatcoding - until you do some tutorials, you are just wasting your time and ours.

Ok, thank everyone, I’ll be looking at @ignatz ebook

@Noobatcoding take a look at the wiki link above and go to the tutorials section. Ignatz’s tutorials are there along with quite a few other great tutorials for beginners.

Can someone fix the UPPERCASE LETTERS please?

They don’t need fixing. Just don’t use them in the future.

Really? Once I used capital letters ONLY once and they were like nope, uppercase letters are forbidden (or at least thats the impression I got.) so now people are accepting the capitals? This forum is kind of unfair…

@TheRogueBatcher, The capital letters are not forbidden, they are just frowned upon

Capital letters are akin to yelling, also they are harsh on the eyes.

@TheRogueBatcher, DONT YOU THINK THAT IF EVERYONE TYPED LIKE THIS TO TRY AND GARNER MORE ATTENTION IT WOULD BE ANNOYING? This is why you were asked (not forced, not yelled at, asked) to refrain from using capitals.

I wasn’t actually asked.l. They didn’t even tell me they were doing it they just changed it to lowercase so still this forum is unfair…

@TheRogueBatcher - there are several moderators, and it is an individual decision what changes to make to posts or what suggestions to make. We are a small forum, and we don’t have meetings to decide exact rules.

So you haven’t been singled out. Please stop complaining about capital letters and get back to Codea.

I wasn’t complaining. I was stating the factual. My point is that we should all grow some nostrils and ears and then go on top of a skyscraper, jump off hit the ground and pass THROUGH it. Then we go THROUGH the centre of the earth and play badminton with the mole men . Yes… That will solve all of our problems… :-bd

@TheRogueBatcher How old are you?