My actual first little game

I posted earlier about a first attempt to a game, but this one, Mysli, is the actual first:

It’s a network-based rogue-like where the player (in yellow) must travel through a network of different enemies to arrive alive at the end of each level. You can attack blindly, which make you vulnerable to neighbouring enemies attacks, or choose to change the network structure to your advantage through brewing potions (in the red room) out of white fuzzies collected when killing enemies. Potions do stuff like “swap edges” or “bridge” to a further part of the network, etc. So the player needs to manage ressources in order to strategically modify the randomly generated levels…

I stopped working on for a while, and then started In Churning Seas, but I’ll get back to it eventually…

I’ll try and post a better video soon.

Very nice looking! Can’t wait to see a better video.

Really cool !